About us

Who Are we

Melting Pot Media Inc. is a full service multimedia and design company. We service corporations and businesses of all sizes. We are a family of creative designers and professionals. Our mission is to provide the best service, tools, and opportunities. We realized that all businesses need that creative insight and edge to grow their business Is. Melting Pot Media Inc. was founded in 2009 by a passionate designer and teacher of multimedia, Tonnines Elliott along with his wife. They set out to create a "work friendly" environment while giving a home for "creatives" and designers. Led first by the passion for the art of design and creativity, we set our standards high. We utilize the latest software, work with industry leading companies, and designers to provide you the best service experience possible.


Our goal is to provide services that will give you more than just a presence in your industry. While giving creatives experience and new a place to share their talents and passion for designing. We believe, when you look good we look good. Design is our morning coffee because its energizing, warm, visually tasty, and always right on time!

The Leadership Team

Leadership can make or break a company. So, our leadership team consist of professionals with a combined total of over 40 years of experience. Each of our leadership staff is passionate about there specialty which, transfers to excellent client services and branding for you.


They understand how important your needs are and what it takes to meet your expectations. We understand that when you look good we look good!

Multimedia Design Team

We operate with creative prowess and professionalism. To support you, we have a great team of designers, developers, audio and video production specialist. Their creative perspectives and contribution to projects are valued by our clients and us. We also provide a home for interns looking to complete their class requirements or build a professional portfolio. We believe there should be no such thing as "displaced creatives'". They love what they do and it shows in their work.

"Creativity" It's A Culture

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